1.1 Agreement: You should carefully read the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement, effective when you click the “AGREE & CONTINUE” button (the “Effective Date”) during the Rewardy account creation process. By doing so, you (the “User”) agree to abide by this Agreement. 

1.2 Included Policies: This Agreement incorporates the Privacy Policy and the Community Guidelines between APPSLAB Medya Yazılım Sanayi ve Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi (“Rewardy” or “we”) and you.

1.3 Changes: Rewardy may modify the Terms and Services at any time. New services, features, or tools added to the current Services will be subject to these Terms. It is your responsibility to periodically review the Terms at Rewardy Games Terms and our Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines


2.1 Description: The Services offered by Rewardy consist of the website and mobile applications (the “App”) providing rewards for downloading, reviewing, and/or using suggested games. 


3.1 Registration: Some Services require a User account, limited to one per User. Only individuals 18 years or older may register. 

3.2 Restrictions: Transferring or selling an account is prohibited. By using the Services, you represent that: 

  • (a) Your information is truthful and accurate; 
  • (b) You will maintain the accuracy of this information; 
  • (c) You will comply with these Terms; 
  • (d) You won’t violate any laws or regulations; 
  • (e) You will protect your account information and be solely responsible for its use. 

3.3 Termination: Rewardy may delete your account without warning if you violate these Terms. 

3.4 Additional Features: 

  • Display of Other Apps: Some Services may require enabling this option to personalize game suggestions. 
  • Guest Access: Certain Services may provide restricted “Guest” access, with limitations subject to change. Full access requires account sign-up. 
  • Active Playtime: In our gaming application, “playtime” refers to the period during which a player is actively engaged in gameplay. Active playtime includes navigating game menus, participating in matches or missions, making in-game decisions, and any interaction with the game’s environment that requires player input. Our systems are designed to recognize and record such active participation.
  • Exclusions from Playtime: To maintain the integrity of our gaming community and the accuracy of playtime records, the following are explicitly excluded from being counted as playtime:
    • Idle Time: Merely leaving the game application open without active interaction does not constitute playtime. Our system monitors for inactivity, and extended periods of idleness may be flagged for review.
    • Ad Watching: Viewing advertisements within the application, whether incentivized or not, is not considered active playtime. Players are encouraged to engage with the game itself for their playtime to be recorded.

We encourage all players to enjoy our games actively and fairly. These measures help us provide a better gaming experience for everyone and ensure that playtime achievements and leaderboards accurately reflect genuine player engagement.

By accepting these terms, you agree to engage with our game actively and understand that non-compliance with these playtime conditions can lead to the aforementioned consequences.


4.1 Social Interaction 

The App contains a social feature that allows users to interact with one another. Users must follow our Community Guidelines, and violation may result in restricted access to social features or an indefinite ban. 

4.2 Account Restrictions 

  • One Account: Users may only set up one account within the App. Creating multiple accounts or transferring/selling an account is prohibited. 
  • Prohibited Activities: The use of a virtual private network (VPN), proxy, internet bot (Bot), or any deceptive practices to falsify activity or revenue is strictly forbidden. These actions are considered fraudulent and will be blocked, possibly leading to device blacklisting or account suspension/termination. 

4.3 Software Restrictions 

  • Autoclicker Programs: Users found using autoclicker programs or similar software to falsify phone data may be banned indefinitely. 
  • Emulators: Accessing the application through an emulator on any platform may result in an indefinite ban. 
  • Game Modification Software: Accounts associated with software that modifies games or unlocks paid content for free may be banned. 
  • Disposable Email Addresses: Accounts using disposable email addresses that forward messages or auto-verify links may be banned. 
  • Rooted Devices: Users found using rooted or privileged control devices may be banned indefinitely, and gift card purchase requests from these accounts may be rejected. 

4.4 Additional Restrictions 

  • Banning of Accounts: Rewardy may ban any account related to fraudulent activity or created by individuals under the age of 18. This includes, but is not limited to: 
  • Downloading the App through unauthorized sources; 
  • Manipulating IP addresses; 
  • Failing face or phone verification for fraud purposes; 
  • Using software to appear active while idle; 
  • Fraudulently earning coins. 
  • Consequences of Banning: Banned accounts may have all coins nullified, and redemption of rewards may be disabled. 
  • Limitation on Devices Per IP Address: We strive to provide a fair and competitive environment for all players. To this end, our IP duplication policy permits up to three devices to access our game from the same IP address. This allowance accommodates players from single households where multiple individuals may enjoy our game on different devices.
    • Prohibition of Excessive IP Sharing:
    • Device Restriction: Any number of devices exceeding the three-device limit per IP address is considered a breach of our terms and can be flagged as suspicious activity indicative of cheating or account manipulation.
    • IP Monitoring: Our systems continuously monitor IP activity to ensure compliance with our fair use policy. If an IP address is associated with more than three devices, it may be subject to investigation.
    • Permanent Ban: Deliberate IP duplication to circumvent our device limit, gain an unfair advantage, or engage in cheating behaviors will result in a permanent ban on all associated accounts.
    • Account Verification: In the case of legitimate circumstances where more than three devices must access the game from a single IP address (e.g., public spaces, schools, institutions), account holders must seek prior approval from our support team to avoid penalization.

By playing our game, you acknowledge and agree to our IP duplication policy. We reserve the right to enforce these terms to ensure a level playing field for all our players.


5.1 Duration of Agreement 

This Agreement will remain in effect while you use the Services or have a Rewardy account (“Term”). You may cease to use at any time by uninstalling the App. Rewardy may suspend or terminate your account without notice if we reasonably believe you have breached this Agreement. Upon termination, specific sections of this Agreement will remain in effect as detailed below. 

5.2 Effects of Termination 

  • Discontinuation: Upon termination, you must discontinue the use of the Services. 
  • Obligations: Termination by Rewardy doesn’t limit your obligation to pay outstanding fees, nor does it restrict our pursuit of remedies, including injunctive relief. 
  • Account Deactivation and Data Deletion: Your account and data, including accumulated rewards, may be deactivated and deleted. Rewardy shall not be liable for termination or deletion unless due to our gross negligence or willful misconduct. 
  • Claim Rewards: If the user does not claim their rewards within 15 days from Rewardy, it will be deemed expired, and the user will forfeit their right to claim it.


You agree to pay for any Services you purchase, use, or subscribe to, according to our pricing and payment terms. Billing will occur via the method you select at purchase. Refunds will be handled as prescribed by applicable law; refer to the sales webpage for details. 


7.1 Coins and Usage 

Rewardy offers “Coins” as loyalty points for testing, reviewing, or using mobile games listed in the App. Coins are based on real game time, not merely keeping the App open. You may redeem Coins for various Rewards such as gift cards or content codes. 

7.2 Restrictions and Responsibilities 

  • Non-Cash Redemption: Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash, resold, exchanged, or refunded, unless legally required. 
  • Redemption Locations: Rewards can only be redeemed where applicable merchants and services are available. 
  • No Liability: Rewardy isn’t responsible for any lost, stolen, or malfunctioning Rewards, except when caused by our gross negligence or willful misconduct. 

7.3 Continuation of Certain Provisions 

After termination, the provisions labeled “Payment & Fees,” “Intellectual Property,” “No Liability,” “No Warranty,” “Indemnity,” “Severability, Force Majeure, Entire Agreement & Headings,” “Representations and Warranties,” and “Governing Law and Language” will continue to apply. 


8.1 Introduction to Contests 

Rewardy may occasionally launch Contests within the App, subject to local legal constraints. Contests have individual terms and conditions (“Contest Terms”) in addition to these Terms. Please consult the specific Contest Terms before participating. 

8.2 Contest Rules and Changes 

Rewardy reserves the right to amend, withdraw, suspend, or cancel a Contest or its Contest Terms without prior notice. It’s the Entrant’s responsibility to monitor changes, and continued participation implies acceptance of those changes. 


9.1 Inactive Account Policy 

Accounts inactive for one hundred eighty (180) consecutive days will be deleted without notice. An account is inactive when no Coins are redeemed or credited, no referral sign-ups occur, or no access attempts are made. Any existing Coins or Rewards will be voided. 


Rewardy collects data on your device and how you use our Services to check account eligibility, manage promotions, assign rewards, and fix issues. Rewardy acts as an independent entity under the law.

When you play games, earn Units, or join the Rewards Program, you agree to let us handle Gameplay Data. This is crucial for enjoying our Rewards and certain features. Without your consent to process this data, some options might be unavailable.

For a thorough understanding of how Rewardy collects, stores, and utilizes personal and other types of information, users are encouraged to review our Privacy Policy. This policy outlines the breadth of our data handling practices and the measures we take to protect user privacy.


11.1 License Grant 

During the Term, Rewardy grants a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable license to use the Services under the terms herein. Intellectual property rights and derivative works remain the property of Rewardy or its licensors. 

12.2 Age Restriction Notice 

As of August 2, 2023, the Rewardy mobile application will no longer support accounts of individuals under the age of 18. Existing users under this age may continue until this date, but new accounts for those under 18 will be prohibited. 

13.3 License Restrictions 

You shall not: 

  • (i) Create an account if under 18. 
  • (ii) Reverse engineer or discover underlying code or formats. 
  • (iii) Distribute harmful computer code. 
  • (iv) Disrupt others’ use of the Services. 
  • (v) Remove notices from the Services. 
  • (vi) Sell, lease, or otherwise transfer the Services. 
  • (vii) Resell, sublicense, or use the Services for third parties. 
  • (viii) Modify or create derivatives of the Services. 
  • (ix) Use output information for unauthorized purposes. 
  • (x) Use the Services outside internal business use. 
  • (xi) Use unauthorized modified versions of the Services. 
  • (xii) Violate applicable laws, including privacy and anti-spam laws. 

All rights not expressly granted are reserved by Rewardy, and title to the Services and related materials remains with Rewardy. 


14.1 Ownership and Usage 

The Services include various copyrighted, trademarked, and proprietary elements. Rewardy holds copyright over these elements, including the selection, arrangement, and enhancement of content. Users must not exploit the content in any way without express permission. Any permitted use must retain all original attributions and notices. 


15.1 Definition and Handling 

Both parties must keep information identified as proprietary or confidential (“Confidential Information”) in confidence, using it only to fulfill obligations under this Agreement. Confidential Information may include personal and payment data. 

15.2 Exceptions 

The above restrictions do not apply to information that is: 

  • Already known by the receiving party. 
  • Publicly known without wrongful act by the receiving party. 
  • Independently developed by either party. 
  • Required to be disclosed by law. 


13.1 Commitment to Privacy 

Rewardy respects data protection and handles User information as described in its Privacy Policy, available at Privacy Policy


17.1 Overview and Risks 

Rewardy may offer or enable access to Third-Party Services, which are used at your own risk and discretion. Rewardy bears no liability for any damages resulting from these services or your relationship with Third-Party Providers. 


18.1 Disclaimer of Warranties 

The Services are provided “as is” and “as available,” without any express or implied warranties, including those concerning merchantability, fitness, non-infringement, reliability, timeliness, quality, or uninterrupted use. Rewardy, its affiliates, and their agents do not guarantee the Services or any goods requested through them. 

18.2 Games Disclaimer 

Games featured on the platform are not selected or verified by Rewardy. Downloading these games carries the same risks as downloading from the Google Play Store, and Rewardy is not responsible for any consequences related to the selection of games from the Discover weekly playlist. 


19.1 General Limitation 

Rewardy, its suppliers, or affiliates are not liable for special, indirect, consequential, or other damages, including but not limited to loss of use, data, profits, or damages from third-party providers. Exceptions apply only in cases of intentional or gross fault. 

19.2 Research Liability Exception 

If your data is used for research purposes, the limitations of liability and indemnity clauses are waived regarding any harm or liabilities arising from such research. 


20.1 User’s Responsibility 

The User agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Rewardy and associated parties against all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, related to any breach of obligations or use of the Services by the User. 


21.1 Law and Jurisdiction 

These Terms are governed by the laws of the province of Bursa, Turkey. All disputes shall be arbitrated in Bursa, Turkey. 

21.2 Language Preference 

The parties agree to use English for this Agreement, all related documents, litigation, and dispute resolution proceedings. 


22.1 Severability 

The invalidity of any provision does not affect the remaining provisions. 

22.2 Force Majeure 

Neither party is liable for failure or delay due to uncontrollable events. 

22.3 Entire Agreement 

This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings. 

22.4 Headings 

Headings are for convenience and do not alter meanings. 


23.1 User’s Authority and Compliance 

User represents they are authorized to enter this Agreement, will comply with applicable laws, and adhere to Rewardy’ policies. Non-compliance may result in account termination or other penalties, for which User will indemnify Rewardy.